3 Prescription DASH Diet to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease can actually be controlled by eating healthy foods. Implementing a healthy diet everyday can also trigger you to eat healthy food more routinely and become a habit in the end.

Well, to help maximize the prevention of risk of heart disease and hypertension that can be present at any time. It’s good you try to follow healthy diet from DASH diet. What is a DASH diet? Is DASH diet recipe easy and can be tried at home?

What is a DASH diet?
The DASH diet is short for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This is a healthy diet that is believed to help reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This DASH diet is the same as any other healthy diet. This diet has certain advantages. In addition to lowering blood pressure, this diet is also to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. This diet can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight without any specific dietary restrictions.

When you follow the DASH diet, you will eat more fruits and vegetables, combined with low-fat dairy foods, lean meats, poultry, fish, nuts, and seeds.

The DASH diet focuses on fats and cholesterol that are low in saturated fats, has some protein and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If you want to try a healthy lifestyle from a DASH diet, let’s try with some of these simple DASH diet recipes.

DASH diet recipes for everyday

1. Chocolate smoothie with banana and avocado for breakfast

Materials needed:

2 cups vanilla soy milk flavor (or plain)
½ slice of avocado flesh
1 medium banana, peeled
¼ cup unsweetened chocolate powder
2 teaspoons sugar (can be replaced stevia)

How to make:

Combine all the ingredients above into the blender. Blend until smooth and serve as soon as possible as a healthy and fast breakfast.

2. Chicken Salad for lunch

Materials needed:

1 teaspoon of pepper and salt
3 tsp fish sauce
4 ounces chicken breast without skin and bone
1 mixed bowl of lettuce, tomato, peas, cabbage, apple slices, cucumber, and carrots

How to make:

  1. First, baluri chicken breast with pepper and salt.
  2. Bake for 15-20 minutes with a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.
  3. Make salad dough with vegetables that have been cleaned and stirred into one.
  4. Do not forget to also mix the fish sauce to add flavor.
  5. Afterwards, place the roasted chicken breast toppings on top of it. Easy healthy salad is ready to be enjoyed.

3. Broccoli grilled for dinner

Materials needed:

500 grams of large broccoli stems, cut into 5 cm
4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
1/2 teaspoon of salt, pepper, and chili powder
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
4 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced

How to make:

  1. First, heat the oven to 230 degrees Celsius.
  2. Prepare a large bowl, then provide broccoli that has been peeled and washed clean.
  3. Stir in broccoli with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper, pepper, and chilli.
  4. Bake broccoli for 15 minutes.
  5. Afterwards, remove and sprinkle broccoli with chopped garlic.
  6. Bake again broccoli dough for 10 minutes.
  7. Broccoli is ready for dinner.

Alternative ways to make broccoli roasted without oven:

  1. Heat nonstick teflon over medium heat.
  2. Enter the broccoli that has been brewed with olive oil and seasoning.
  3. Stir in teflon until slightly cooked, then sprinkle chopped garlic.
  4. Mix all ingredients in teflon until evenly and turn off the fire when it is cooked.
  5. Broccoli ready to serve.

The characteristics of breast cancer that has spread to bone (whether it can be cured?)

Like other types of cancer, breast cancer can also metastasize alias spread to other body parts, such as the lungs, liver, brain, or bone.

Metastatic breast cancer is also called stage 4 breast cancer. Nearly 5 percent of women with breast cancer already have metastatic breast cancer when newly diagnosed. These cancers generally appear several months or years after the initial diagnosis. The risk of breast spread to the bone becomes higher after breast cancer spreads to other body parts.

What happens when breast cancer spreads to the bone?
Normally, the bones that make up the skeletal body will always change. Old bone will be broken and replaced with new bone so that our bones remain healthy and strong.

Another case in cancer patients, cancer cells that spread to the bone can cause some parts of the bone structure to break without forming new bone. This makes the bones tend to be weak and prone to fractures.

Cancer can also cause new bones to grow even though old bones have not been damaged. It makes bones harder, but their abnormal structure makes bones at risk of fracture.

What are the symptoms if breast cancer has spread to the bone?
Bone pain is usually the first symptom of breast cancer that has spread to your bones. Bones can become weak and break easily. Cancer that grows in the spine can cause pressure on the spinal cord so it can disrupt the function of the intestine and bladder. In severe cases, tumors in certain areas of the spine may also cause paralysis.

Other symptoms can be found in your blood. Cancer can cause the bone to release calcium into the bloodstream in an amount higher than normal levels (hypercalcemia). It is characterized by the appearance of nausea, loss of appetite, thirst, and constipation. You will be easily drowsy and even dazed. Hypercalcaemia may cause coma if not treated promptly.

If you have breast cancer and bone pain, doctors usually recommend imaging tests, including X-rays or bone scans (scintigraphy). Other imaging tests that may be recommended are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized cosmography (CT), or positron emission tomography (PET). This test will help diagnosis and removal of the tumor.

Can breast cancer be treated if it has spread to the bone?
Many primary breast cancer treatments can be used to treat metastasis to bone. The treatment aims to stop the spread of the tumor, and shrink or remove the existing tumor. The treatment given depends on the type of breast cancer when the cancer condition has spread to the bone.

If you have any type of breast cancer that requires hormonal therapy, you may be advised to continue. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment that can effectively kill breast cancer cells throughout your body. This treatment can be given intravenously or in pill form.

Alternatively, you can also undergo radiation therapy that specifically targets breast cancer cells. This therapy can shrink tumors, strengthen bones, and reduce pain.

In addition, your doctor may prescribe some bone boosting drugs. Some drugs are given intravenously, and the rest is taken straight away. Metal bars can also be planted through surgery to support weak bones. In addition to metal bars, bone can also be stabilized with metal plates, screws, or cement.

Different types of treatment are usually combined for best results. The treatment plan will be tailored to the body’s response to the treatment.

In addition to treating breast cancer, doctors can prescribe medications to help control pain, discomfort, and reduce fatigue. Physical therapy can strengthen bones, reduce pain, and help you move more efficiently. Using a walking stick or walker can reduce the pressure on the weak bones.

Researchers are always looking for new methods to treat metastatic breast cancer. One way to test new therapies is through clinical trials. Not just anyone can undergo new therapy. Therefore, oncology will tell you about the right clinical treatment options.

Be Careful, These 6 Sentences Are Not Spoken On Victims of Rape

Being a victim of rape or sexual violence is not desirable. Rape is a sadistic, deadly self-esteem, and causes the victim’s psychological and physical trauma. Victims of rape experience stress, fear, anxiety mixed up. Therefore, if you become a victim storyteller, be careful what you say. Precisely do not make more victims feel the downturn. Here are six sentences that should not be spoken to the victim.

1. “Why is the story now?”
This sentence can make victims disappointed. Many victims of trauma, it is very difficult to talk about what happened to others. It could be due to fear of unbelief, guilt, immense shame, and anxiety that the perpetrator will take revenge. With how dare the victim tell you, it means the victim believes in you now. Do not think if the victim does not trust you or does not trust you.

Rather than saying this sentence, it is better to stress their positive strength on the trauma they experience and appreciate their courage and honesty.

2. “Why do not you fight back?”
Saying this sentence to the victim is very inappropriate and painful.

When the victim is attacked by the perpetrator, the victim is in a state of shock. They do not believe what happened. Victims of rape are sometimes there who can still resist although eventually also lost. However, some can not move a bit as if his body is not part of him anymore.

After this incident, the victim will have a tremendous sense of remorse for himself. Why can not I fight? Why can not I fight even harder? Full of regret is imposed on itself because of the effects of shock and the inadequacy that they do.

Never ask any question in this direction again to the victim because they have enough pain to face all his regrets.

3. “Just now you just obey!”
When the victim tells you, do not immediately decide how the victim should overcome what happened. After experiencing sexual harassment, the victim experiences trauma that is beyond her control. Help the victim to control himself first.

If it is calmer, you may ask if there is anything you can do to help him, rather than dictating the victim should do what. You can provide suggestions for the victims, but not with coercion.

4. “Why did you go there? What kind of clothes did you wear then? “
Asking such questions only adds to the negative stigma and guilt experienced by the victim. What’s wrong in this is the culprit, not what the victim or his clothes do. You should instead believe the victim that this is not the fault of the victim, do not even interrogate him like a criminal.

5. “This is all the way.”
This kind of sentence will only make the victim feel she deserves a big disaster like this. Though, of course no one deserves to be treated inhumanely.

If you believe this sentence, it’s okay and there’s nothing wrong. But save yourself for yourself, not when the victim told you then you said it.

6. “Others have more severe cases.”
Giving this statement inhuman to the victims of rape and as if underestimating their pain. Never compare what happens to the victim’s life to what happens in other cases. Especially when the victim heard of a similar case is actually triggered fear and anxiety becomes increasingly. Be careful not to mention any other cases of rape to the victim.

6 Interesting Facts About Calories You May Not Know Before

Calories are often labeled bad by society. In fact, the human body needs calories to survive. Without calories, you will not have the energy to move. Gradually all the vital organs of the body will fail to function. In addition to playing an important role for human survival, here are some interesting facts about food calories and human body that you may never know before.

Food calories from each source of nutrients differ in value
There are three major sources of nutrients that are needed in large quantities by the body to produce calories, namely carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Well, each of these sources of nutrients turned out to have a different calorie content per gram. One gram of fat contains 9 calories. One gram of carbohydrate and one gram of protein contains 4 calories.

Fat contains more calories than other nutrients. That’s why, excessive fat intake will more easily accumulate calories in the body.

The label “0 calories” does not mean that there really is no calorie
In the guidelines for inclusion of nutritional food label information from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, a product that lists 0 (zero) calories does not mean that it does not contain any calories at all.

Food products containing less than 5 calories are common to be written as “total energy of 0 calories” in the nutritional information label on the packaging.

The body keeps burning calories even if you are no activity
We often assume that the body can only burn the excess calories by exercising. But when we do not move any, for example when sitting blank and during sleep at night, the body still working to burn calories.

Because the body still needs energy to perform various vital activities such as breathing, heart beat, blood flow, producing electrical signals to connect every nerve in the body, and all other body processes that do not need to be moved consciously.

The number of calories burned automatically is called the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The number of calories burned through BMR can be different for each person, depending on age, weight, sex, and body composition.

So even if you’re silent, your body will definitely not stop to keep you alive.

Reducing excessive caloric intake of food actually thwart your diet
Reported on the Everyday Health page, Kimberly Lummus, MS, RD a dietetician from the Austin Dietetic Association explained that when you deliberately cut your caloric intake on a large scale, the body will go into “starvation mode”.

The body reads the lack of food intake as a threat. As a result, the body will save energy by reducing the number of calories burned. The body will also prefer to use energy from the muscles so that muscle mass is down. As a result, your metabolism also slowed down. In this phase also the body will start to store fat to keep the energy reserves stored in the body.

This is why people who are on a calorie diet are overweight, their weight will go down a lot or not down.

The most effective way to lose weight is actually to regulate your calorie intake wisely. ideally, subtract your food calories while dieting just less than your initial calorie. Do not let yourself hunger for hunger.

The amount of calorie burning on exercise is not as accurate as you think
Sporting devices such as treadmills, stair-claimbers, elliptical electric bikes, fitness trackers, and other tools that show calorie burning rates are not as accurate as you think.

A 2010 study from the University of San Francisco states that the measurement of calorie burning on sports machines can be 20% much larger than it should be, and probably even more.

For example, if written on your sports machine has burned 200 calories it means you probably do not burn that much, but only about 160 calories.

Snacks are not really light calories
Snacking calories can exceed your primary food calories if you do not eat the nutritional information listed on the label, or eat too much.

Usually the portion of a snack meal about 200 calories or 10-15% of caloric needs a day. Unconsciously, because of its small shape, it seems addictive sometimes people do not realize that the snack is eaten beyond the required limit.

Snacks can be of any kind, like in-packed cakes, or traditional pastries that you find so much.

Could It Get Pregnant Because Have Diabetes?

Sometimes, the difficult problem of getting pregnant is not because you or your partner are born infertile. It could be that your fertility is only declining due to a disease that you suffer, or because of the medication you are taking to treat the disease. One of the diseases that can be a cause of difficult pregnancy is diabetes. Why is that?

Diabetes lowers sexual arousal
Untreated diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system and blood vessels. Diabetics are also more prone to heart disease. The presence of problems in the heart can cause blood flow to sensitive areas and sex organs become inhibited. Blood flow is not smooth and coupled with nerve damage makes you more difficult to aroused to even cause sexual arousal declined prematurely.

In men, diabetes has the potential to cause erectile dysfunction problems (either difficult to achieve an erection or difficult to maintain) and difficult orgasm (difficult to ejaculate). In fact, 1 in 3 men with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction, aka impotence. Meanwhile, women susceptible to vaginal infections that cause sexual intercourse can be very painful. Women can be more difficult aroused and orgasm due to nerve damage that affects the clitoris, female sex buttons.

Diabetes can cause low blood sugar aka hypoglycemia. Usually this is caused by the side effects of some diabetes drugs, such as sulfonylurea, tolbutamide, chloropropamide, or metoprolol. Insulin injections can also cause blood sugar levels to drop dramatically. Hypoglycemia can occur when you are having sex. The reason, sexual activity can be regarded as a sport. Headaches, dizziness, anxiety, difficulty focusing, until the tremor that becomes the result of hypoglycemia can stop the sex drive in the middle of the road so you no longer interest to continue making love.

Diabetes causes hard pregnancy, really?
A decrease in sexual desire due to diabetes can affect your chances of getting pregnant. having blood glucose levels that are too high or low can cause you to feel more tired or lethargic, so you are not excited to have sex. The more rare you have sex, the chances of pregnancy are also getting smaller.

Diabetes is also strongly suspected to cause DNA damage to male sperm. DNA damage is a major risk factor for sperm disorders that can lead to infertility. When we discuss the feasibility of sperm to fertilize the egg, there are three factors that play a role, namely the number of sperm, sperm form, and sperm movement. If there is one sperm disorder of all three factors, then you risk a high risk of fertility problems or even sterility.

A study, reported from Web MD, found that the semen volume of diabetic men is less than that of healthy men without diabetes. Men who have diabetes are also more at risk of having low sperm counts.

In women, untreated diabetes can increase your risk of having early menopause. Your body has experienced insulin resistance. When you are already resistant to insulin, the body can not absorb much sugar in the blood. Thus, blood sugar levels are increasing.

In fact, the hormone insulin not only serves to break down the sugar, but also affect the production of hormones needed by your reproductive system and ovulation. One of them is the hormone estrogen that plays a role in sexual arousal and egg cell maturation process. Indirectly, a decrease in estrogen can decrease the quality of a woman’s egg.

So, how to deal with this condition if you want to get pregnant?
There is no strong medical evidence to suggest that absolute diabetes is the cause of difficult pregnancy. Not everyone who has automatic diabetes will not be able to have children.

If you have diabetes and plan to become pregnant, the most important thing to do is consult with your doctor and your obstetrician. Diabetes can not be cured, but that does not mean this condition can not be controlled. By doing careful planning and preparation, the opportunity to get the baby becomes higher.

Controlling diabetes before planning a pregnancy is also important to ensure your pregnancy will always run well and your baby is also so.

Low self-esteem? These 7 Practices Can Be More Enough Weapons of Life

Of the few existing cases, low self-esteem is usually caused by past experiences that make it traumatic. Examples of family problems that are less harmonious, divorce, physical or emotional abuse, and everything negative happens since childhood. Low self-esteem can make a person difficult to mingle and easy minder. Then, how to improve or build a person’s confidence?

Build confidence that is easy-hard
Keep in mind, that low self-confidence and mental disorders are closely related. The reason, in some cases, low self-esteem itself is the main characteristic of some mental disorder conditions, such as depression or borderline personality disorder.

Easy-minded people tend to view the world as unsafe, and they always assume that they are victims of all situations. So, not infrequently people who lose self-confidence also lost the opportunity to change the situation for the better.

If you or someone else you know feels that way, you can actually build confidence back through simple things but great benefits. What are they? Let’s see below.

1. List your strengths and weaknesses first
By continuing to sharpen and show the world that you have a talent, you can gain your confidence again. No need for recognition from the crowd, the people closest to who realize your ability can also make you more confident in yourself.

Whereas if you’ve found the weakness of yourself, do not stop there or just wailing. Instead you have to struggle to sharpen yourself so that this weakness does not necessarily become a stumbling block in the future.

Suppose you know that your weakness is afraid to take risks. To sharpen yourself, learn to take risks. From small things like tasting new menus in favorite restaurants to great things like taking a photography course or being a project leader at school, college or office.

2. Think positive
It is important to have positive thoughts everyday. A good and positive mind will lead you to a maximum level of confidence. Stay away from negative thoughts or worries about other people’s comments. Try also to be in the environment of positive people who support each other.

3. Change your appearance to anyone you want
Sometimes a person feels inferior because he can not express himself well through appearance. Unclean body, body odor, and messy appearance can lower your confidence. Therefore, to build maximum confidence, start taking care and keeping yourself the way you want.

It could also be that you want to have a model of hair or a certain style of dress, but fear of being commented on by others. Occasionally, try to follow your heart and change the appearance.

4. Switch to a healthy diet and exercise
Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is also one way to support self-confidence. The reason, many people are not confident because of body shape or weight that is not ideal.

Well, to get out of that problem, it’s time you turned to a healthier lifestyle. Start exercising and eating healthy foods. A balanced nutritional intake and a healthy lifestyle will make the mind more positive. Avoid keeping quiet at home and just bemoaning fate. It will not make any changes in you.

5. Focus on the things you love
Confidence can be improved by avoiding the things that make you stress. You can build confidence by doing the things you like. So, try to focus on the things you really like. Leave a job that makes you unhappy and pursue a career that is indeed your dream.

6. Try to smile and be kind to others
Who does not like to be treated well by others? Well, if you want to be treated well, you also have to do it. Try to smile and greet people around your neighborhood. Sincere smiles and friendliness can be “contagious”. A smile can also make a person more confident in the environment.

7. Learn to forgive yourself and others
Everyone has made a mistake. However, if you continue to regret mistakes and can not move on, you will continue to be haunted by it and always feel inferior. So learn to forgive yourself or others who have hurt you. That way, you can focus on organizing the future with more confidence.

4 Natural ingredients for treating urinary tract infections at home

Urinary tract infections are susceptible to women. In addition to causing a burning or burning sensation during urination, a poorly treated infection can cause fever to pelvic pain. This condition will continue to grow worse if left unchecked. Ideally, the best urinary tract infection drug is the antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. However, some natural ingredients that may already exist in your kitchen can help the recovery process without side effects. Anything?

List of natural urinary tract infections
Here are some natural ingredients that can be used as natural urinary tract infections to speed up the process of recovery of your condition:

Although you may rarely hear the name, asparagus is commonly used as a natural alternative to urinary tract infections in various parts of the world. Quoted from Live Strong, a study published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2008 reported that the active ingredient content in asparagus acts as an antibacterial that works against the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. The study also found that asparagus root helps boost the immune system.

You can try asparagus by processing it into juice or as a vegetable side dish.

Parsley leaf
The benefits of asparagus above are even found to double when combined with parsley leaf. Both work to reduce swelling in the urinary tract and improve its function by reducing free radicals that cause inflammation and cell damage.

Taken alone, this leaf serves as a diuretic that can increase the amount of urine that allows bacteria to escape from the urinary tract. You can use fresh parsley or dried parsley mixed with water and heated. Let stand for six to ten minutes, then strain the leaves and drink the water stew.

Fermented foods
A study published in the Indian Journal of Urology that good bacteria in the intestine can help combat the infectious bacteria that cause infection. To multiply good bacterial colonies, consume probiotic foods, such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, or cheese.

Fruit berries, apples, or peaches
Berries, apples, or peaches contain a type of healthy sugar called d-mannose. D-mannose helps double the good bacteria colonies in the body to fight the infectious bacteria that cause the infection.

The human body is actually capable of producing its own natural sugar, but the amount is not sufficient as a drug urinary tract infections. Because most doses of mannose dose quickly removed by urine. Then you have to get it through food intake.

Remember: Before using herbal medicines or supplements as urinary tract infections, you should consult your doctor first to find a safe dose for you.

4 Important Considerations Why You Should Not Be Too Good To Others

Since childhood, parents always educate us to be good people. There’s nothing wrong with being kind-hearted. However, do not also be a naive person who is too “innocent”. It can even become a master weapon for you when interacting with others in the midst of the harshness of the real world.

The disadvantage of being naive and too innocent
1. Others consider you as a boring person
Who does not like to be friends or relationships with good people? You also want to get along with people who are always good to you.

But being a naive person who is too innocent, anything all nrimo and resignation alone, making others look at you one eye. You will be rated as a very boring and predictable person.

2. You are easily underestimated
So a good person does not mean your personality is weak. Good people can remain firm and stand firm. A person will be more likely to be rewarded if he can be assertive and be himself.

However, naive people who are too innocent usually can never deny the request of others; can not be angry to express themselves; do not have the heart to be blunt (uneg-uneg); always succumbing for the sake of others; and always attached to the needs of others rather than yourself.

This characteristic is often considered weak, thereby allowing others to underestimate and utilize your good for personal gain. The reason, others will be easier to guess your reaction if asked for help or when requesting something from you.

3. You can not be yourself
When you have difficulty expressing yourself, it’s just as if you are not yourself. Emotions that are buried continuously can trigger depression gnawing at you.

On the other hand, too naive and innocent attitudes can be caused by low self-esteem. This causes someone to be willing and ready to do anything for others to gain approval and comfort. In fact, this is not a good way to gain recognition of the environment around your existence.

4. You are easily disappointed
Emotional habits because often disillusioned by the attitude of others can backfire for you. Not infrequently you will also be called a victim of feelings. Over time, tired and bad mood because continue to be disappointed can make your feelings and mental this so unstable, and can lead to depression.

5 The Right Solution Makes You Easily Tired During Menstruation

By or before menstruation, most women experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome). STDs can cause symptoms of abdominal cramps or unbearable headaches. Especially if you also feel easily tired, this will certainly disrupt your activities. There are several ways to overcome fatigue during menstruation so you can return to normal activities. Here are the tips.

Tips to overcome tired during menstruation
1. Improve your diet
Eating several times a day with a slightly more recommended portion compared to eating only three times a day with a large portion. Eating more often will keep your energy at a stable level. Meanwhile, if you let the body not get food intake in a long time, you will more easily tired.

Set your diet to be more orderly and healthy. Add a protein source to your diet every day. Protein works to increase energy so you feel more energized throughout the day.

In addition, taking multivitamin supplements can also help overcome fatigue during menstruation. Due to lack of nutrients will make you feel tired, especially during menstruation. However, consult your doctor before you use any supplements, including vitamin supplements.

Reducing the consumption of processed foods containing high sugar and salt is also important. In addition, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables because it contains many nutrients that can increase your energy.

2. Drinking water
If you lack fluid in your body, you will become dehydrated. This makes the heart must work harder to keep oxygen and nutrients moving throughout the circulatory system. Lack of blood can lead to a lack of oxygen carried throughout the body. It makes you tired and sleepy.

Meet your water needs in a day. In general, everyone is encouraged to drink 8 glasses of water a day or about 2 liters. The dosage has been able to meet the water needs in the body. However, it is best to drink water every time you feel thirsty.

3. Avoid drinks containing caffeine and alcohol
During menstruation, should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages as well as containing caffeine such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages and caffeine can make it hard to sleep well through the night, making you feel tired the next day.

4. Sport
Exercise every day does not have to be heavy-weight, really. Walking about 30 minutes can be a choice of light and easy exercise for you to do. Exercise will keep your body moving, giving you a boost of energy and allowing you to sleep more soundly at night.

5. Calcium in the body
Consuming 1,300 milligrams of calcium per day can help reduce or prevent PMS symptoms, including fatigue. Calcium can be obtained from cow’s milk and its derivative products (yogurt or cheese); vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and cabbage; to fish such as sardines and salmon.

If you want to take calcium supplements, first ask your doctor if it is necessary and how many doses. The reason, excess calcium can harm the body.

Electric Cigarette vs. Tobacco Cigarettes: Which is Safer?

An electric cigarette, often called vape or e-cigarette, was originally created in China in 2003 by a pharmacist to reduce tobacco smoke, and is one way to help people stop smoking. Vape consists of a battery, a fluid-filled cartridge, and a heating element that can warm and vaporize the liquid into the air.

What is the danger of electric cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes?

  • Tobacco cigarettes emit tobacco-burning fumes; Electric cigarettes produce steam from fruit juice, and nicotine is heated.
  • Tobacco smoking can cause heart disease, lung, impotence, pregnancy and fetal disorders; vape causes nasal and respiratory nose disorders.
  • Tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide, ammonia and various other chemicals; electric cigarettes contain nicotine, vegetable glycerol, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, and all kinds of fruit flavors.
  • In addition to smoke, tobacco cigarettes leave garbage like cigarette ash and cigarettes; while vape does not leave garbage.
  • Cigarette smoke tobacco leaves a stink and does not dissolve in liquids; electric cigarettes leave the vapor dissolved in the liquid and smell of the fruit flavor.

    Which is safer?
    According to a researcher from the National Institute of Public Health in Japan, in one electric cigarette found 10 times the level of carcinogen (a group of substances that can directly damage DNA, promote or help cancer) than a regular cigarette.

Head of Health Research and Development of the Ministry of Health explained in a press release that the nicotine solution contained in electric cigarettes has different compositions and there are generally 4 types of mixtures. However all types of mixtures contain nicotine, propylene glycol.

The dangers of vape include causing acute nicotine intoxication and the presence of child mortality cases. Not only is the cigarette dangerous, the steam inhaled can cause asthma attacks, shortness of breath, and cough. This cigarette is also dangerous for people with pneumonia, heart failure, disorientation, seizures, hypotension, to burns due to explosion of electric cigarettes in the mouth.

So, until now there is no fact that proves that electric cigarette is safer than tobacco cigarette. As reported by cnnindonesia.com, various studies have conducted research on electric cigarettes and the results of the study are:

  1. This electric cigarette is claimed to contain harmful substances such as Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNA), Diethylene Glycol (DEG) and carbon monoxide.
  2. Long-term use of electric cigarettes can significantly increase plasma nicotine levels after five minutes of use.
  3. Not only that, these cigarettes also increase plasma carbon monoxide levels and the frequency of the pulse significantly that can interfere with health.
  4. Has an acute effect on the lung as in tobacco cigarettes, ie exhaled air oxide nitric levels decrease significantly and airway resistance increases significantly.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned all countries around the world to ban children, pregnant women and women of childbearing age to smoke electric cigarettes.