4 Important Considerations Why You Should Not Be Too Good To Others

Since childhood, parents always educate us to be good people. There’s nothing wrong with being kind-hearted. However, do not also be a naive person who is too “innocent”. It can even become a master weapon for you when interacting with others in the midst of the harshness of the real world.

The disadvantage of being naive and too innocent
1. Others consider you as a boring person
Who does not like to be friends or relationships with good people? You also want to get along with people who are always good to you.

But being a naive person who is too innocent, anything all nrimo and resignation alone, making others look at you one eye. You will be rated as a very boring and predictable person.

2. You are easily underestimated
So a good person does not mean your personality is weak. Good people can remain firm and stand firm. A person will be more likely to be rewarded if he can be assertive and be himself.

However, naive people who are too innocent usually can never deny the request of others; can not be angry to express themselves; do not have the heart to be blunt (uneg-uneg); always succumbing for the sake of others; and always attached to the needs of others rather than yourself.

This characteristic is often considered weak, thereby allowing others to underestimate and utilize your good for personal gain. The reason, others will be easier to guess your reaction if asked for help or when requesting something from you.

3. You can not be yourself
When you have difficulty expressing yourself, it’s just as if you are not yourself. Emotions that are buried continuously can trigger depression gnawing at you.

On the other hand, too naive and innocent attitudes can be caused by low self-esteem. This causes someone to be willing and ready to do anything for others to gain approval and comfort. In fact, this is not a good way to gain recognition of the environment around your existence.

4. You are easily disappointed
Emotional habits because often disillusioned by the attitude of others can backfire for you. Not infrequently you will also be called a victim of feelings. Over time, tired and bad mood because continue to be disappointed can make your feelings and mental this so unstable, and can lead to depression.

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