4 Natural ingredients for treating urinary tract infections at home

Urinary tract infections are susceptible to women. In addition to causing a burning or burning sensation during urination, a poorly treated infection can cause fever to pelvic pain. This condition will continue to grow worse if left unchecked. Ideally, the best urinary tract infection drug is the antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. However, some natural ingredients that may already exist in your kitchen can help the recovery process without side effects. Anything?

List of natural urinary tract infections
Here are some natural ingredients that can be used as natural urinary tract infections to speed up the process of recovery of your condition:

Although you may rarely hear the name, asparagus is commonly used as a natural alternative to urinary tract infections in various parts of the world. Quoted from Live Strong, a study published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2008 reported that the active ingredient content in asparagus acts as an antibacterial that works against the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. The study also found that asparagus root helps boost the immune system.

You can try asparagus by processing it into juice or as a vegetable side dish.

Parsley leaf
The benefits of asparagus above are even found to double when combined with parsley leaf. Both work to reduce swelling in the urinary tract and improve its function by reducing free radicals that cause inflammation and cell damage.

Taken alone, this leaf serves as a diuretic that can increase the amount of urine that allows bacteria to escape from the urinary tract. You can use fresh parsley or dried parsley mixed with water and heated. Let stand for six to ten minutes, then strain the leaves and drink the water stew.

Fermented foods
A study published in the Indian Journal of Urology that good bacteria in the intestine can help combat the infectious bacteria that cause infection. To multiply good bacterial colonies, consume probiotic foods, such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, or cheese.

Fruit berries, apples, or peaches
Berries, apples, or peaches contain a type of healthy sugar called d-mannose. D-mannose helps double the good bacteria colonies in the body to fight the infectious bacteria that cause the infection.

The human body is actually capable of producing its own natural sugar, but the amount is not sufficient as a drug urinary tract infections. Because most doses of mannose dose quickly removed by urine. Then you have to get it through food intake.

Remember: Before using herbal medicines or supplements as urinary tract infections, you should consult your doctor first to find a safe dose for you.

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