Could It Get Pregnant Because Have Diabetes?

Sometimes, the difficult problem of getting pregnant is not because you or your partner are born infertile. It could be that your fertility is only declining due to a disease that you suffer, or because of the medication you are taking to treat the disease. One of the diseases that can be a cause of difficult pregnancy is diabetes. Why is that?

Diabetes lowers sexual arousal
Untreated diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system and blood vessels. Diabetics are also more prone to heart disease. The presence of problems in the heart can cause blood flow to sensitive areas and sex organs become inhibited. Blood flow is not smooth and coupled with nerve damage makes you more difficult to aroused to even cause sexual arousal declined prematurely.

In men, diabetes has the potential to cause erectile dysfunction problems (either difficult to achieve an erection or difficult to maintain) and difficult orgasm (difficult to ejaculate). In fact, 1 in 3 men with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction, aka impotence. Meanwhile, women susceptible to vaginal infections that cause sexual intercourse can be very painful. Women can be more difficult aroused and orgasm due to nerve damage that affects the clitoris, female sex buttons.

Diabetes can cause low blood sugar aka hypoglycemia. Usually this is caused by the side effects of some diabetes drugs, such as sulfonylurea, tolbutamide, chloropropamide, or metoprolol. Insulin injections can also cause blood sugar levels to drop dramatically. Hypoglycemia can occur when you are having sex. The reason, sexual activity can be regarded as a sport. Headaches, dizziness, anxiety, difficulty focusing, until the tremor that becomes the result of hypoglycemia can stop the sex drive in the middle of the road so you no longer interest to continue making love.

Diabetes causes hard pregnancy, really?
A decrease in sexual desire due to diabetes can affect your chances of getting pregnant. having blood glucose levels that are too high or low can cause you to feel more tired or lethargic, so you are not excited to have sex. The more rare you have sex, the chances of pregnancy are also getting smaller.

Diabetes is also strongly suspected to cause DNA damage to male sperm. DNA damage is a major risk factor for sperm disorders that can lead to infertility. When we discuss the feasibility of sperm to fertilize the egg, there are three factors that play a role, namely the number of sperm, sperm form, and sperm movement. If there is one sperm disorder of all three factors, then you risk a high risk of fertility problems or even sterility.

A study, reported from Web MD, found that the semen volume of diabetic men is less than that of healthy men without diabetes. Men who have diabetes are also more at risk of having low sperm counts.

In women, untreated diabetes can increase your risk of having early menopause. Your body has experienced insulin resistance. When you are already resistant to insulin, the body can not absorb much sugar in the blood. Thus, blood sugar levels are increasing.

In fact, the hormone insulin not only serves to break down the sugar, but also affect the production of hormones needed by your reproductive system and ovulation. One of them is the hormone estrogen that plays a role in sexual arousal and egg cell maturation process. Indirectly, a decrease in estrogen can decrease the quality of a woman’s egg.

So, how to deal with this condition if you want to get pregnant?
There is no strong medical evidence to suggest that absolute diabetes is the cause of difficult pregnancy. Not everyone who has automatic diabetes will not be able to have children.

If you have diabetes and plan to become pregnant, the most important thing to do is consult with your doctor and your obstetrician. Diabetes can not be cured, but that does not mean this condition can not be controlled. By doing careful planning and preparation, the opportunity to get the baby becomes higher.

Controlling diabetes before planning a pregnancy is also important to ensure your pregnancy will always run well and your baby is also so.

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